This is what my 2023 has been like...

What I learnt in 2023, and what I'm excited for in 2024!

Can you believe it’s December already?

I’ve been thinking about how this year has been for me, and in this edition of the newsletter, I want to share with you the highlights of 2023.

A year of learning, growth and opportunities

Many of you know that I began doing NVC work full-time in 2021; this is the third year of being a full-time NVC Trainer and consultant, and what a year this has been!

If 2021 and 2022 were about getting my bearings in the world of entrepreneurship as an NVC trainer, in 2023 I had many more opportunities to do this work; and I believe that the groundwork of the last two years has helped with this.

This year has brought me a tremendous amount of growth and learning, both personally and professionally.

I’ve been grateful for the varied work opportunities I’ve had this year:

From January to March, I continued my work with FAME India, a non-profit that works with persons who have neurodevelopmental disabilities. This engagement began in 2022 and continued into 2023, with two batches: one in English, and the second in Kannada (my first time sharing NVC in Kannada, with an abundance of learning and challenges alike!). Over the course of a year, we worked on the basics, and deepening NVC skills to create a culture of open, transparent communication in the organisation.

At one of my sessions, participants shared that they noticed some miscommunication during a team meeting—and went on to clarify it using a process that we’d worked on during our sessions!

Here are some glimpses of my workshops with FAME.

In April, I was a trainer at the NVC India Convention 2023 for beginners & advanced practitioners; and at the Mentoring and Assessment event for certification candidates.

Going to the convention was special for me because that’s where I grew in my NVC journey, from practitioner to trainer.

Trainer team at the 2023 NVC Convention, India in Panchgani: (L-R) Kirsten Kristensen, Fr Chris Rajendram, Ramanusha Poopalaratnam, Aga Rzewuska-Paca, Sabine Geiger, Farrah Carlier, Mironel de Wilde, Sudha Shankar and Ranjitha Jeurkar

In May, I held an open workshop on the theme of Connecting Across Differences; and in June, I facilitated a foundational NVC training for the staff of Suchitra Academy, Hyderabad.

In August and September, I worked with the Little Sisters of the Poor, who run homes for the aged across the country. I was surprised by the playfulness and laughter I experienced in every single batch I led with them. Watch some moments here.

In October, I had the opportunity to try something new: curate a learning experience for Team Mithra. This was an experience designed to address specific needs that would support them—given that the whole team works reotely—in working together more cohesively. Read more about my expeience.

At the FICCI ARISE Conference, Delhi, December 2023

This year has brought me opportunities to work with different groups of individuals, and each has been meaningful in its own way.

I’ve had the chance to work with 500+ participants in my sessions through these workshops and trainings.

Towards the end of this year, I was also elected by my NVC trainer colleagues to serve on CNVC’s Programs Resource Circle—and I look forward to contributing to the worldwide NVC community through this role.

One challenging goal I set myself for 2023

This year, I also set myself an ambitious goal: To publish one video on an NVC related topic on Youtube everyday. I started this series, “NVC365” on Youtube this June and it’s now 200+ videos strong! I intend to keep these going in 2024.

Learning and growth in 2023

Every year, I make it a point to learn something new, and learn something that can help me grow and help me be more skilled at working with people and groups.

This year, I graduated from Sarah Peyton’s Practitioner of Resonant Healing program. Personally, this work has helped me work with my own inner critic and make my brain a kinder place to live in. I’ve also begun offering this work to a small set of clients.

And I also graduated from Marie Miyashiro’s Giraffe Business School, a program that helped me sharpen my skills in offering Nonviolent Communication work in organizations. I will continue studying with her at 2024 as I work on bringing NVC to workplaces.

What’s next?

In 2024, I intend to work more with organisations who want to bring about a culture change in their teams. If you’re a leader who would like to work with me on this, please get in touch!

Here are some other ways to work with me in 2024:

  1. Sign up for an open workshop (to be announced on this newsletter) or join my fortnightly practice group.

  2. Schedule 1-1 resonant healing sessions with me

  3. If you’d like to seed an NVC community in your city/town, invite me to facilitate an introductory workshop and we can work on it together!

What has 2023 been like for you?

How has 2023 been like for you? What are some things that happened this year that you’d like to celebrate?

Share it with me as a reply, I would like to get to know you and how this year has been for you!

PS. I’m co-sponsoring this year’s New Year Meditation with Mary Mackenzie & the NVC Academy. Join us if you’d like to spend your new year’s eve with self-connection and time shared with the NVC Community.