Bringing NVC to organisations: How to create impact

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On Thursday, 7 March, I’ll be co-hosting a session with Marie Miyashiro (author of The Empathy Factor) on how to bring NVC into organisations in ways that are scalable, impactful and repeatable—and sustainable!

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💬 Quote of the fortnight

Listening well is essential for creating, maintaining, and deepening relationships; it signals caring, commitment, and connection. Listening can also yield vital information and insights. If employees don’t believe their bosses are listening, they’re far less likely to offer ideas and helpful suggestions. They’re also more likely to become emotionally exhausted and to quit.

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Thinking that we ‘have to’ do something takes the joy out of it. We can learn to be aware of our ‘have to’ thinking and cultivate more choice.

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NVC is about sharing power with others—so how do we navigate power dynamics with NVC?

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PS. This webinar is a free preview of Yvette’s upcoming course with the NVC Academy, ‘Navigating Power Differences with Nonviolent Communication