What does empathy have to do with social transformation?

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In our personal relationships, empathy can help us build skills to listen more deeply and build deeper, stronger connections with the people we’re in relationships with. But what about social change?

How does empathy help when it comes to working towards the kind of world we want to see?I’m excited to learn more about this from Myra Walden, CNVC-Certified trainer and psychotherapist, at the Living Bridges workshop this weekend, ‘Empathy the Great Catalyzer’.

Myra’s workshop will focus on how empathy can support us in:

  • Maintaining equilibrium when doing social change work

  • Listening to each other when conflict arises in order to restore trust and resume collaboration

  • Hear the people on the opposite side of the table so that we aim to find solutions that can meet the needs of all involved

Whether or not you work as a social change professional, this workshop will help you see the application of empathy in more than our personal relationships.

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On the topic of empathy: here’s a recording from an NVC Academy course, in which Miki Kashtan leads participants in understanding people whose stance on vaccination is the polar opposite of theirs. Listen to the recording below (84 min length).

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I often hear about the sandwich model of offering feedback—something that sits uneasily with me for two reasons:

  • Closing with ‘positive’ feedback is mostly done because the giver of feedback feels uncomfortable closing on a ‘negative’ note

  • It sends mixed messages and leaves the receiver confused about the content of the feedback

What if we could be clear and direct when offering feedback? This piece by Shari Harley says more about this.

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