Five finds of the fortnight: Edition 33

Where do my reactions come from?

1. Quote of the fortnight

When you offer your empathic presence and support to a friend in distress, you create enough connection for the other person to relax a bit. No longer is there a need for as much protection, because there are now two of you holding the experience. Often the intensity of expression softens and slows down, and the person’s vulnerability shines forth more fully. For myself, I know that when I am able to touch my own vulnerability I am more alive and certainly more resilient. This means that my vulnerability allows me to understand my experience and therefore digest it better.

~ Miki Kashtan

2. Image of the fortnight

3. Article of the fortnight

On feedback: what if, instead of offering feedback, we shared feedforward? Read this article by Marshall Goldsmith on this topic.

4. Video of the fortnight

Beyond polarity: On connecting across differences.

5. Upcoming event alert

Last week, we attended Part 1 of the workshop “From Values to Vision” with Chand Narayan. You are welcome to join us this Saturday for part 2—and you can join us even if you missed part 1. More info in the post linked below.