⬜ Five finds of the fortnight: Edition 42

A special new year's eve meditation, and two new learning opportunities!

Dear reader,

A friend shared this piece by Young Pueblo with me and I loved, and that I want to remember. Here it is—does this resonate?

A new year meditation

The NVC Academy is hosting a new year’s peace meditation—a chance to gather in community and set our intentions for 2023. Living Bridges is delighted to co-sponsor this event.The event is free and is open to all. Translations will be offered in several languages, including Hindi.

Listen to Mary Mackenzie speak about the event in the video below. And sign up here!

1. Quote of the fortnight

2. Reviewing your year

Some prompts to look back at 2022, with a needs perspective. Click through all images to read them. Or read the Twitter thread here.

3. Article: What makes for a good life?

A thought-provoking article on what a good life looks like—no matter what your preferences, your wishes, your dreams and goals—stresses on psychological enrichment as being a key determinant.

Crucially, an experience doesn’t have to be fun in order to qualify as psychologically enriching. It might even be a hardship. Living through war or a natural disaster might make it hard to feel as though you’re living a particularly happy or purposeful  life, but you can still come out of the experience with psychological richness. Or you might encounter less dramatic but nonetheless painful events: infertility, chronic illness, unemployment. Regardless of the specifics, you may experience suffering but still find value in how your experience shapes your understanding of yourself and the world around you.

4. Video of the fortnight

A short video on the basics of having a difficult conversation (and there are more in the playlist if you’d like to watch them!)

5. Upcoming events

I’m excited to announce Living Bridges’ first training program for 2023: Empowerment therapy led by Myra Walden and Bob Wentworth.

The program is for therapists, counselors, coaches, social workers, caregivers and anyone who works one-on-one with others in a professional or personal capacity.

Empowerment Therapy (ET) is an NVC-based therapeutic model, which empowers counselors, psychotherapists, psychologists, social workers, and others who work with individuals one-on-one to create a healing and empowering relationship with their clients/stakeholders. This nine-week program begins on February 18. Click here to know more and to sign up.

In-person training opportunity this AprilThe NVC India Convention is back, in-person, after a two year break. Join the NVC community in India at Panchgani this April for the convention: five days of learning, growth and community. Beginners are most welcome.