What's a question you have about NVC that you would like answered?

Spiral Dynamics workshop in September

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What’s a question you have about NVC that you would like answered?

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Quote of the fortnight

Self-expression becomes easier after we empathize with others because we will then have touched their humanness and realized the common qualities we share. The more we connect with the feelings and needs behind their words, the less frightening it is to open up to other people.

Marshall Rosenberg

Image of the fortnight

Video: A metaphor to understand unpleasant emotions better

This video is from my project NVC 365 in which I bring you one NVC-related video everyday, in 60 seconds or less. Watch all videos here.

Sharing NVC with the Little Sisters of the Poor

A two-day workshop with the Little Sisters of the Poor in Bangalore, India

Last week, I was with The Little Sisters of the Poor, a congregation that cares for the homeless elderly in India.

They have 15 centers across the country where they rehabilitate and care for the elderly; and in their work, they deal with elderly people who express anger, sadness and other intense emotions.

Over two days, we covered the basics of NVC with a focus on listening and responding to intensity. I shared some pictures and my experience on Instagram earlier this week; watch the video to know what about this workshop took me by surprise, and what I learnt from this experience.

Upcoming event: Spiral Dynamics workshop, Sep 8-10

How can we understand the increasing polarization in our world today?

Given that NVC helps us build skills and a consciousness that is connection-oriented, why do we continue to have conflicts that can be challenging to address and resolve?

What can we as leaders of teams and communities do to understand why different people respond differently to what’s happening in our environment?

Spiral Dynamics, which speaks about our evolution as individuals and collectives can help us understand this.

Join us if you—like me—have wondered how to make sense of the conflict and differences of opinion in our communities (NVC or otherwise), and the increased polarization in our world today.

Click here for more info: https://pages.razorpay.com/spiral